The rectangular ducts and the related special parts are produced in the best conditions of quality and productivity. The standard raw material used is galvanized sheet type DX51D - Z140 ÷ 275 according to EN 10346 with a zinc deposition of up to 275 g/sqm. The thickness of the sheet used varies from 0.5 mm to 1.2 mm, depending on the dimensions of the piping and the air pressure. The rigidity of the duct is achieved by executing Z-type ribs. Rectangular channels are made of sheet metal rolls on an automatic machine. In this way, duct sections made of a single piece of sheet metal and with a single corner bend are obtained. This increases the tightness of the channel.

The coupling of duct sections and special parts is done by flange and corner profiles purchased from prestigious manufacturers (Gebhardt Stahl GMBH), with clamps, tie rods, screws, nuts, etc. On request, some sections are delivered with a free head or with a temporarily mounted flange. In this way it is possible to adjust the ducts to the desired size right at the installation site. In order to obtain a superior sealing class, the company purchased the most advanced equipment for making rectangular channels, with silicone insert at the closing of the seal. Butyl flanges, certified by the manufacturer to obtain these performances, are used to obtain sealing classes C and D.

International standards

Our team of specialists supervises the production of ducts according to the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Due to the rigorous testing and the joining and sealing system used, the rectangular ducts produced by ACVILA VENTILATION SYSTEMS ensures the tightness level of the installation: class C (according to Technical Approval 018-05 / 158-2014) .and class D Other products can be made: special structures, plenums, suction mouths, nozzles, rain protection, noise attenuators, roof passages, extractors, smoke and hot gas ducts, etc. We can also make special stainless steel tubing and parts. This catalog presents the most frequently sold products, and on request, we can also make atypical products.

Product Catalogue

This catalog presents the most frequently sold products, and on request, we can also make special products that can suit your request.