SR EN 13501-4

Fire classification of construction products and elements. Classification using the results of the fire resistance tests of the components of the smoke control systems.

SR EN 1366-9

Fire resistance tests of technical installations. Single-compartment flue ducts.

SR EN 1366-9

Smoke and hot gas control systems. Smoke control duct sections

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The galvanized sheet metal ducts produced by SC AVS are used as part of the complex system for the evacuation of smoke and hot, toxic gases, in order to ensure in the compartment in question the evacuation of smoke as soon as possible and the introduction of the necessary compensation air.

The installation of these duct systems is mandatory because it facilitates the safe evacuation of people, helps firefighters locate the fire and their access for intervention.

In order to be used for this purpose, certain manufacturing conditions must be met in strict compliance with the European standards in force, respectively according to the requirements mentioned above.

Smoke exhaust purposes:

- smoke evacuation for 2 hours during the fire

-reducing the temperature during the fire

-creating a smoke-free layer for the safe evacuation of people

-ensuring the possibility of intervention of firefighters